Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling

No More Chain Hoist Hassles!

Try the Oberg Tilt Lift for an easy engine swap

Tilt Action Allows Precise Alignment

The Oberg Tilt Lift Enging Sling allows you to progressively tilt and lift engine up to 45 degrees in either direction!

Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Removal

Locking Tab Allows You to Tilt Engine in 1/4" Increments

Lever locks into place at exact angle needed to lift or lower your engine in as little as 1/4" increments, using a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar. Allows for one-handed adjustment!

Oberg Tilt Lift Engine and Transmission

Lift Both Engine and Transmission!

At a 2000 lb. capacity with a 3-to-1 safety rating (tested to 6,000 lbs.), you can quickly and easily remove the engine AND transmission!

Oberg Tilt Lift Maintenance

Keep Your Product in Top Working Condition

Occasionally apply lubricant to the drum body front, back and cable, to keep your product in excellent condition for years to come! We recommend a spray lubricant or white grease.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling Logo
Just dropped in an engine and trans. combined. Was able to tip the entire unit nearly vertical and slip it right in "solo". What a nice little unit compared to the chain and crank types.

– Brian M. Cassity

This is great. All the struggling with past engine removals & installs, should have gotten this years ago! Great deal and fast shipping, thank you.

– John B.

Oberg Tilt Lift Removes Your Engine Single-Handed
Great tilt sling! Used it on a 350/350 swap in a mini truck. We were able to tilt the engine and trans nearly vertical and back with ease! Great product!

– Kirk O.

Oberg is the way to go

– J.I. verified on Amazon

Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling Logo
With a friend's help and a 2-ton engine hoist, we installed a 5.2L Chrysler engine with A500 transmission attached, into a Dodge Dakota pick up truck, without having to remove the radiator support. With the Oberg Sling, it was an easy enough job to tilt the engine-transmission assembly using an 18 inch breaker bar. Though it did requre a strong arm to get it to rotate it while holding the lock open with the other hand.

– Ralph Counts

Much better than the attachment that came with my cherry picker. And very easy to use. I was pleasantly surprised and happy I made the purchase as I remove and install motors as a wrencher.

– Blake H. - Verified Amazon Customer

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About Us

The Stricklin Companies is an Original Equipment Manufacturer since 1980, and has manufactured and sold the Oberg Tilt Lift since the 1990's. We provide a wide range of services and our capabilities include plastic and metal injection molding, specialty batteries and production of FDA approved chemical additives for diesel fuel (to reduce emissions and increase efficiency). For more information, please visit our website at www.thestricklincompanies.com or contact us at (858) 794-5700.

Our Customers

The Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling has been used by thousands of satisfied customers for decades! Some of our customers include:

Custom Auto  Shops

Ford Auto Repair Shops

Nascar Racing Teams

Tesla Motors


U.S. Government

One Year Warranty

The Stricklin Companies will warrant each new Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year from the date of purchase, provided the product is properly utilized and subjected to normal use and service. Warranty is void if product is used to support more than 2,000 pounds, is operated with a power drive of any type, or is altered or modified in any way.


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